Leica M3 – A classic Range Finder Experience

My first camera was a family point and shoot and at the age of 16 I had my own Minolta SLR with two lenses. I shot about 600 different rolls of Fuji Film ASA 50 to 3200 from high school all through Art School and my early Professional Career. Just like most art students you can’t have expensive camera gear so my idea of owning a Leica was simply that, an idea. Fast forward a decade and went through Digital Nikon Cameras, Nikon Lenses and Hensel + Elinchrom Gear. I did not understand (at the time) why a Leica camera would cost more than a full automatic, quick focusing workhorse like a D3 or even an F5 so I simply liked the Leica brand for its looks, did not know about the image quality. Finally with the introduction of the M9 paired with a Summicron-M 50mm is when I saw the difference. I invested in Leica gear and went to the past of manual focusing and measuring light with more care. I always had random results with automatic gear, I expected it to be like that all time, so I tried to work around it by using manual mostly and leaving the AF to focus accurately. While this is necessary for moving objects, you can also work with distance and use a manual focus camera. Can a Leica be used for everything? maybe. Can you work around some scenarios? yes. Is it the best camera for action or jumping children? no but it can be done. Can you use it for Formula One racing? yes, but not if you plan on using a 600mm lens. There is one key to a great photograph and it is ACCESS. Work on that, and when you have it… even a point and shoot would take the best shot ever.Leica_3171744


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