Easter Weekend with a Leica M Typ 240 and Summilux-M 50mm Asph

I start this post with saying the vertical alignment patch on the viewfinder is off by a bit, it’s a brand new camera though. It doesn’t seem to be affecting the focusing accuracy when shooting horizontal but if I wanted to shoot vertical, it really gives me problems. Anyway I enjoy using my new Leica M. Like I said before, gear doesn’t make you a great photographer but it helps you shoot better in different ways that I will try to explain:

One, if you are happy about the gear you have, then you gain confidence. This of course has to complement your ambition and personal goals. Do not forget you need some type of art training whether it may be from books, school, friends, family or self training. After all of these things… ambition is very relevant. Ambition for more. Training, gear, travel… etc. that’s why easy to fall prey to the “gear adquisition syndrome” because somewhere there we start to believe a better camera will make us a master. It will NOT. TreeL1000284

I wish I lived in big city like when I was younger, if I could I would go live in Paris right now. The city is full of art. BUT, for now I start to have a mentality of trying to create striking images no matter the situation, subject, time or theme. I believe that if you can make a great image out of ordinary inane or mundane objects, then you deserve the title of master because now you have seen perfection, beauty, geometry, coincidence, hatred or any other fleeting moment that deserves more than a few seconds of your attention. CatL1000292

I took a ride into the country and just before I was heading back, this cat jumped onto the hood of the car to say hello. Be ready at all times. The Leica M takes about a second to power on, so carry 3 batteries and leave the camera in standby mode for a quick snap.


Here is another sample with the Lux-M 50mm, I changed the colors in Adobe Camera Raw ( ACR ) I tried to make the colors look as if it came from an M9 but still need more tweaking. If anyone would like to share knowledge on how to get the files to look more like the M9 please share it with me.

Secondly, a faster camera will make your photo taking experience better by not having to wait for writing times or focusing errors.

We also go into the pixels in your camera, yes more pixels will give you more detail and you need to add super sharp lenses to super mega pixel cameras otherwise you are only wasting it. I rather have a better lens than a better camera.

I have said before, I love the Olympus E-P5 camera with its optional VF-4. Very compact, fast, accurate and saturated colors that pop. I always shoot RAW. Its JPEGs aren’t great, in fact I don’t like any JPEGs from any camera… you won’t either after you start shooting RAW.

My perfect camera would be a full frame Olympus E-P5 but we are far from the day it happens, the closest thing is the Sony a7. If it ever does come true for a full frame pen, I know it would be a bit bigger but if I could have a 5-Axis Vibration Reduction, Articulating View Finder and Screen. Dedicated buttons and shortcuts. Weather sealing. WiFi. One day… For now? That a7 seems like a great option.


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