Funfair with the Leica M Typ 240 + Summilux 50mm Asph + Color Skopar 35mm PII

Had a quick opportunity to do photograph a couple having fun at the Funfair. Took the M 240 and two lenses. Of course I wanted to be super light so I could shoot quick since I knew the couple would be moving around quickly. We also had an Elinchrom Ranger with us that threw a little bit of light so we could achieve that look we wanted.

I knew I wanted a vintage type of look from the beginning so I knew I had to make the colors pop like that old Kodachrome, but instead I went with a faded look for some of the images. You decide what look suits best.

Our friends at the Funfair were extremely helpful and super nice. They were happy that the couple went there to spend a nice evening with a nice crowd.

Bottom image: A mix between Kodachrome and cross processing with a faded look using the Voigtlander Color Skopar 35mm PII


Bottom image: Just a candid image with a bit of Kodachrome using the Voigtlander Color Skopar 35mm PII


Bottom image: This one again tried to emulate the Kodachrome look but I added more yellows to their skin because of the tungsten lights hitting their skin. This one was taken with the Summilux M 50mm Asph.



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