Original Leather Cam-Strap for my Leica M3 and M Typ 240

Many of us look for a perfect camera strap. We spend hundreds of dollars on new camera straps and finally realize that none of them really work like we wish. I thought I had found the perfect strap one day until I found out that the metal parts were scratching my camera and lenses so I went with a plastic only strap but I didn’t like the look of plastic so again I went with an all leather strap but it was thin and hurt my neck after hours of use. I then started looking at the Leica a la Carte straps that go for around $150 and even though they are nice, I felt like I was tired of overpaying for camera straps. So I finally decided to make my own. I made sure that the strap was secure by reinforcing the loop with a dual matching metal clip.

This leather strap can be cut to your specific length to carry over the shoulder, is thick enough so it doesn’t bother your neck, is capable of holding the biggest lens and camera combo you can attach to its heavy duty rings and yet simple enough that even your Leica, Canon, Nikon, Olympus can shine on its own.

I present you, the Leather Cam-Strap:

Available now in Dark Brown or Black. Made by Hand in the USA.

selling now through ebay at:


CamStrap_3 CamStrap_4172073-copy CamStrap_24172073 CamStrap_4172073


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