NEEWER 160 LED CN-160 vs Yongnuo LED Video Light YN300

I’ve had the Neewer CN-160 for about a year and have used it for events, street photography and even product photography. It uses 3 type of batteries. You can use old Sony FP type, Regular or Rechargeable AA or some not very popular Panasonic batteries. This way this unit is very universal, I just didn’t like the color of its light since it gives a hard green cast, something you can fix if shot in RAW but can be problematic when using different light or when you want to match the color of the light with the ambient light. I normally put color filters on it and forget about using the included color plastic with the light since it just makes things a little worse.

I wanted a little more power so I decided to buy the Yongnuo YN300 that costs about 2x more. This unit has much better color balance but only uses FP type batteries. So if you are somewhere and don’t have a charged battery with you, you are alone without it. That was my only negative on this unit. It has a very convenient IR remote, it feels much better grade, the plastic and build is better and feels solid. You can control the brightness in two steps and in case you are lost in an island, they included an SOS strobe to call for help. Maybe your assistant can SOS to you when he doesn’t know what to do. It includes a nice grip, a GoPRO type connector (not sure if its the same size) a shoe stand is included as well. A nice bag and 4 color filters that are okay. I sanded my clear filter to get a little better diffusion but did not help much, instead I lost a little in brightness with gain of little diffusion.

Both units at their Maximum Strength
Very good light at 8ft away. You can use this unit in many places.
This little one has a strong green cast that has to be fixed every time unless you attach a green gel to compensate.
Very nice looking colors from this light. Almost perfect for my use.
This is with one of the included plastic color changers. It produces very well balance with the warm one.

I would like to recommend the CN160 but its green color cast will degrade color accuracy, so you must use a gel to compensate for this cast and lose brightness. So I would recommend the YN300 for its better color accuracy, better build but keep in mind that it does not accept AA batteries.


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