Zeiss C Biogon T* 35mm ZM on Leica M Typ 240

Biogon C 35mm T* at f/8

Biogon C 35mm T* at f/8



Color Skopar vs Summaron vs Biogon

All 35mm lenses, here we have the least expensive contender Color Skopar 35mm Pancake PII

Then we have the vintage Leitz Wetzlar Summaron 35mm 2.8 
And finally the Biogon C 35mm 2.8 ZM in silver

In the beginning I can say the Biogon C is sharper and has better rendition of blurred backgrounds, while the Skopar is very close. The only one that is different in rendition of color and blurred areas is the Summaron. I can’t decide what lens will be the keeper yet.

Biogon C 35mm ZM f/2.8

Biogon C 35mm ZM f/2.8


Leitz Wetzlar Summaron 35mm f/2.8

For current prices of these lenses, check amazon:

 Zeiss 35mm f/2.8 C Biogon T* ZM

Voigtlander Color-Skopar Pan 35mm f/2.5

Why do I enjoy film photography on the Leica M3? – The Rangefinder Experince

Technical and Visual Aspect:

• Smaller than Most SLRs (travel light)

• Very Low Noise operation

• Really Nice Vintage Look

• Small Sharp Lenses Available 

• Focus is easier to achieve manually and more reliable than SLRs (with slow moving subjects)

• Very Low Light Focusing Possible

• Using a fixed ISO such as 400 Film lets you get a constant feel for light and you can guess your shutter and aperture without using light meter at many times and this helps you see light in a different level where you can concentrate more on why you are taking a photo

• My nose isn’t pushed to the side by camera


I will continue to update with more content as I try to explain (to myself) the reason why I enjoy my M3 more than any other camera. 

Elmarit M 90mm vs Summilux M 50mm Sharpness Comparison

After last in studio session, as I went trough images I noticed the images from the Lux M appeared sharper. So, I shot the same subject at roughly the same distance to see if I was really doing a bad job at focusing or was my version of the Elmarit M that wasn’t doing very well. After the little test, I know MY Elmarit M isn’t as sharp as people say it is. Could be that the lens needs to be adjusted or could it be that the Lux is simply an amazing sharp lens?

Summilux M 50mm Aspherical vs Elmarit M 90mm @ f/5.6

Summilux M 50mm Aspherical vs Elmarit M 90mm @ f/5.6

Summilux M 50mm Aspherical vs Elmarit M 90mm @ f/2.8

Summilux M 50mm Aspherical vs Elmarit M 90mm @ f/2.8