Why do I enjoy film photography on the Leica M3? – The Rangefinder Experince

Technical and Visual Aspect:

• Smaller than Most SLRs (travel light)

• Very Low Noise operation

• Really Nice Vintage Look

• Small Sharp Lenses Available 

• Focus is easier to achieve manually and more reliable than SLRs (with slow moving subjects)

• Very Low Light Focusing Possible

• Using a fixed ISO such as 400 Film lets you get a constant feel for light and you can guess your shutter and aperture without using light meter at many times and this helps you see light in a different level where you can concentrate more on why you are taking a photo

• My nose isn’t pushed to the side by camera


I will continue to update with more content as I try to explain (to myself) the reason why I enjoy my M3 more than any other camera. 


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