ONA Berlin II Leather Camera Bag – Black & Red

Style and Protection

Some of us are always looking for the perfect bag to carry our camera gear but seems that we simply cannot find the “one”

I’ve gone from LowePro Ballistic Nylon to Domke Canvas, Tenba Nylon, Other Leather with Canvas and now an all Leather camera bag from Ona.

ONA Berlin II Leather Camera Bag
ONA Berlin II Leather Camera Bag

At the begining of my career I carried my Nikon gear inside Solid Plastic Pelican cases that never disappointed but as I grew older and added more gear, those started to feel heavy. I still use them when I go on remote locations to protect my gear from sand and rain, rivers, sea or waterfalls.

As time went by and my need for lighter gear grew, I adopted the Leica way…  One body, compact prime lenses and few accessories. This is when a smaller bag came into my mind, something that had the same class of a Leica and what more could be than the Ona bag that commemorates the centennial anniversary of the Leica brand.

The people at Ona made a bag specially for the Leica M system and I got to try one.

ONA Berlin II Leather Camera Bag
ONA Berlin II Leather Camera Bag

The Ona Berlin II is a bit heavier than a Domke or Billingham, but just makes more sense to carry your gear inside this leather bag. You have a classic piece of gear and a classic looking bag.

One key thing on this bag is the Red dot that is found on Leica lenses and Leica bodies, I understand is simply just a dot, a painted red rivet but it adds to the system, a nice touch.

ONA Berlin II Leather Camera Bag
ONA Berlin II Leather Camera Bag

This has enough room for my 90mm, 50mm and 28mm. Also has room for an iPad, magazine, battery charger, battery, memory cards, white balance card, EVF, business cards, band-aids, pain medicine, small snack, pen, earbuds, iPhone charger and other small things. The inside is leather with red velvety fabric, you can customize the inside for a better fit, you could even add modular dividers from other manufacturers and put more stuff inside. I also added a block of Silica Gel to keep humidity at a low level.

While you could easily afford an older second hand camera body and a lens for the price, the people that are looking for this style of leather know what they want and have a reason for it. Like I said, it doesn’t come cheap but it is made to last, the leather will scratch and fade but you can always take it to a leather professional and polish it, fix it or whatnot. A bag like this should come with a 3 or 5 year warranty, some bags have 5 years and aren’t as solid as this one.

ONA Berlin II Leather Camera Bag
ONA Berlin II Leather Camera Bag

I would recommend that you add the weatherproof spray on sold at most outdoor stores, should help keep the shine and should last longer without needing attention.

When you book a job, arrive to a location and need or want to be different, look different and feel different than most photogs out there… Get an Ona for the look and deliver worthy results from your camera.


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