Fuji 400H in a digital boom of November 2015 

Many have migrated from film to digital. The era of microchips started decades ago and has gotten to a point where you can almost replicate any look by shooting DNG (RAW) files and processing in Lightroom or Alienskin. You can almost simulate films like Kodak Portra and Fuji 400H. I have been shooting digital for more than a decade but lately have been using Ilford HP5+, made some comparisons and maybe I am not a colorist ( I’m not) but no matter how much I try, I simply cannot replicate the feel and look of film even when I spend hours or dozens of minutes in Photoshop doing masks etc. on my DNG files while on film is already there.

Properly exposed film or maybe overexposed by a stop or max of two still looks very organic. Now, digital looks good but it just feels or looks odd.

The digital workflow is here, clean almost perfect images that are noise free, perfect calibrated colors and a process  proven to work, generates money and gets better every year.

But film, it is still a beautiful form of art. I Trully love the mild grain, natural sharpness and faded colors of some films. Impurities and what not you may call. This is why I just ordered more Fuji 400H film.

…and two days later here it is:

Fuji Film Pro 400H
Fuji Film Pro 400H
Fuji Film Pro 400H
Fuji Film Pro 400H

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  1. dehk says:

    Thats not a bad deal.

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