Fashion with a Rangefinder and Waistfinder

I’ve been shooting with Leica gear for about a year now, I enjoy the format, small lenses and style of photography. I’ve done commercial shoots, weddings and lots of personal work with it. I am comfortable using a range finder for most of my photography (not good for quick action sports) and even shot a few at a Formula 1 race.

I wanted to compare the style of a rangefinder vs a wasitlevel finder on a Hasselblad 500 series. The results I get on the Leica system are more satisfactory to me. Here are two samples:

Without looking at the data of the files, can you spot at first gaze which one is from what system?

The Hasselblad was shot with the 80mm at f/2.8 and the Leica was shoot with a 50mm at f/2

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