Leica X Typ 113 – Moncler

I’ve been looking for a smaller back up to take with me on shoots along the Leica M Typ 240 and finally decided that the X Typ 113 was the  candidate. An aperture of f/1.7 35mm lens and auto focus for that quick and grab shot that sometimes is needed while shooting at wider apertures and not looking. It has an almost silent leaf shutter but I wish the sensor did not have the low pass filter but currently the Leica T is the only one like it and I do not like the way it looks nor the menu system. I wanted the exact system as my M. 

Focusing is adequate but Olympus cameras are faster if comparing compact cameras. Manual focus is as good as it can get, nice. 

Under complete sunlight, you can still see a bit on the LCD as long as you cover it with your hand, enough to compose your shot. 

Images aren’t as crisp as the M Typ 240 but I knew that beforehand. The color isn’t as full and dynamic range is close. Shoot DNG and process them and it’s a bit difficult to tell wich one is which. The Summiluxf/ 1.7 renders good bokeh but you can’t compare the cameras side by side in terms of weight and feel because obviously the M is on another level and lenses for the M system are much sharper. 

I feel that the X should have a 28mm perspective so a wider lens would have been welcomed for my personal taste. 

The lens force closing at f/2.8 on close ups of less than a meter and does not bother me in anyway. 

The coolest thing about this cam is that no one seems to recognize it or know what in the world you are shooting with. Is it a toy? Are you a photog?  No and yes. 



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