Leica SF 26 Pocket Speedlight for Digital

Just got this unit for on-the-go photos, sometimes I want to shoot at slow speeds and use auto flash in case I change my distance, especially during events where everything changes. Normally I shoot manual with speed lights triggered remotely. Will see how this units works with the M.

The unit is very light weight, small, and packs a punch, slow at recycle but you always have a balance of power vs weight.

Some product shots here and a full review in the future. So far, this units works perfectly fine on the M Typ 240 but not well at all on the X Typ 113, it over exposes everything on that cam. Not sure why, because I actually get a Flash Signal on the LCD of the Leica X that confirms a flash is mounted. Not sure why because Leica’s official flyer has the SF26 mounted on a 113 and it specifically says it works on the X series. Probably not fully compatible with the Typ 113? Confused.




The following is an image taken with the flash attached to a Nikon Off-Flash cable and the unit set to TTL, it was bounced to camera right.

Leica SF26 with Off-Camera Flash set to TTL bounced on right reflector.

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