Panasonic Lumix GX85

Been using the Lumix GX85 for two weeks. I’m a Leica shooter, so the viewfinder style on the left of the camera makes more sense to me. Using Leica glass with an adapter makes it easy to focus and preview what the shot is going to look like before I push the shutter button. The back of the camera has a button to magnify a section of the frame to achieve critical focus, this option can also be changed in magnification ratios and can also make use of the whole screen. Having a touch screen speeds up the need to change some basic settings. I really enjoy the Electronic Shutter, I take a lot of photos at meetings and snaping shots silently without distracting people relaxes me. When focusing micro 4/3 lenses manually, the camera recognizes this and instantly magnifies a window (if enabled) to help you achieve spot on focus. The sensor doesn’t have a low pass filter, your images appear sharper than traditional sensors with the same mega pixel count. I can shoot 4k Video at 30fps and HD Video at 60fps. The Image Stabilization is finally 5 axis just like Olympus cameras, it helps a lot!

I will be posting more interesting functions of this camera as I familiarize myself with this super portable cam.


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