Zapata Falls in Mosca, Colorado

Its a quick off road drive to the start of the trail, you don’t need a 4×4 vehicle to get there but is recommended, just for fun! Once you arrive to the beginning of the trail, get ready for a quick 1 mile hike in easy but rocky terrain gaining an elevation of 95 ft.

If you are fit, this hike is extremely easy, for those older folks, may take a little more effort but still doable.

Zapata Falls – Canyon Entrance

You’ll walk on this shallow creek full of rocks, depending on the time of year can either be a bit deeper or frozen. In summer, ensure you take some water shoes and enjoy! the water is on colder side (obviously)

Continue for a bit more and you will be rewarded with a nice waterfall (small but awesome) that falls from the opening above.

This location is near the Great Sand Dunes, so ensure you hike the highest one, that will require more effort since the elevation gain is almost 700 ft… in sand.

Great Sand Dunes / Colorado     Photo by ErickPHOTO

Sony A7III:

Voigtlander 21mm Color Skopar:

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