Ecco Track 25 Hydromax Boots Review – Comfortable Hiking Footwear

The photographer in me is always happy to take photos of the gear I own, even down to shoes. In this post, I had the chance to photograph these boots for some e-commerce and stock agency so wanted to share the images and my review of them here, here it goes!

These boots have a combination of premium oil nubuck and the ECCO HYDROMAX water-repellent technology which helps you stay dry even when you submerge your ankle in puddles while hiking.

With a very nice contrasting camel color and white laces, these men’s ECCO Track 25 Hydromax boots look great both on and off the trail and it doesn’t stop there, because the comfort comes from ECCO’s unique FLUIDFORM direct injection process which uses fluid materials to make these boots feel like you’re walking on pillows.

The boots need a short break-in period to release some stiffness, my feet are wide and fit perfectly inside the boot. There is a nose spoiler to prevent scuffing, a removable insole if your feet run wider.

If you have used ECCO shoes, you’ll know the soles are very grippy, there is good traction on almost any surface, they are lighter and last a good while, even years, some hiking boots I own have been with me for 5 years and they are still going.

Ecco Track 25 Hydromax Boots Review / Photo by

Almost forgot to add that the interior is very nicely lined with leather where it matters most, raising this boot to the next level in comfort.

To find the best current price check the link below, it will take you directly to my amazon store recommendation and gets you the best price available and often I can also get you a bit of a discount:


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