Ona Hudson Backpack Review by ErickPHOTO Part 01

Ona is a company based in New York, their luxury products are hand made in the Dominican Republic using top grain leather and waxed canvas. Their price reflects on the quality of the product, durable materials, clean stitching lines and a lifetime warranty from defects.

I’m not new to the Ona brand,  my oldest satchel is a limited edition Ona Berlin II, which I bought in 2015. The satchel still looks great after four years of use and I know it has many more years in it. All the maintenance done to it has been cleaning it with a damp cloth and vacuum at times to remove debris from inside. I also have The Brixton in brown leather and a few others.

It was time to search for a unique and stylish backpack to add to my collection, mostly for higher profile events where my hiking backpacks wouldn’t match with a fancy tie. I found myself surfing the Ona website again. Found the perfect item, added the Hudson backpack to the cart, checked out and 4 days later we have a new backpack. Here are the specifications according to their site:

  • Removable insert for camera and 1-2 lensesona_zioandsons_hudson_front_large
  • Dedicated compartment for a 13-inch laptop
  • Handcrafted with premium waxed canvas and full-grain leather
  • Zippered compartment inside front pocket for added security
  • Magazine slip pocket on back panel
  • Air mesh padding on shoulder straps
  • Exterior Dimensions: 17″L x 12″W x 5″D
  • Interior Dimensions: 16″L x 11″W x 4″D

While the included insert only accommodates a small camera and maybe two lenses, I wanted to add a few things like my wireless mic, some cables, more lenses and batteries, maybe a Leica as well. Adding another insert is the perfect way to carry more gear for events like the one planned but it can also be perfect for a day at the beach or a day hike in the San Juan Mountains. The benefit of removable inserts is great, with out the inserts in it, you turn this backpack into an all regular laptop backpack for a weekend getaway if you prefer.

Hasselblad 500C + Ona Hudson Backpack by ErickPHOTO


A funny note: A friend of mine has a charity event this coming month at Saks Fifth Avenue which is owned by The Hudson Bay Company, a company from New York. Is interesting that the Hudson name of this backpack also comes from that place in New York, cool eh?

Screen Shot 2019-05-05 at 10.11.48 PM
Curved Straps on LowePro Whistler

The straps on this backpack run almost tight on my body type, they are not curved to follow your shoulder structure like any professional photo backpack (see straps on the adjacent image). I don’t think any of the Ona backpacks have them anyway but I wish they designed with that curvature. There is enough cushion under the leather shoulder straps to support the small load, laptop, charger, one camera and some other stuff, it was comfortable to wear even with my added bulk. I reached out to Ona to see if they could extend the straps but they do not have that option, especially since this is a Limited Edition backpack.

71Yu16QteGL._SL1500_When I added this extra insert to carry more gear, I noticed that the walls inside the backpack are padded all around, so is like having a secondary layer of protection to everything you have inside. A plus for your laptop and any other loose items inside.

I am confident that this backpack is here to stay for decades. I’ll try to update this post in the next years when something relevant comes up and let you know how it goes but if you have questions or comments right now, feel free to contact me below and also take a look at all of the past and future posts on my blog, all about photography gear, tips and more.

Ona Hudson Backpack by ErickPHOTO

I’ve taken this backpack on hiking trips, as mentioned before is a great backpack to carry around for a day or so.

I noticed they released the Bowery 50/50 with almost the same style of the Hudson, I made the purchase.

The Bowery fits inside the Hudson, So is convenient to carry both, I can have quick access to filters and lenses in the Bowery and more gear in the backpack, such as batteries, water, rain cover, etc.

Ona Hudson Backpack and Hasselblad 500C review by ErickPHOTO

UPDATE: Read Part 02 of this story


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