Jackery Armor Battery Power Bank Review and it’s waterproof! ErickPHOTO

I always travel with a battery bank to charge my phone and camera batteries, so over the years I’ve collected a few experiences with them, I have a few here and there and sometimes I give one to a friend or family as a gift, leaving me with an empty pocket and the need for a new battery bank! Enter the Jackery Armor.


This is a fully waterproof battery bank capable of full immersion in water up to 3ft/1m for 30 minutes. Talk about tough? yup, throw it around and it will resist drops too.


There is a standard USB connection like every other pack, it is rated at 5V / 2.1A which should charge your devices faster than standard chargers.


I’ve liked the brand Jackery for two reasons, one is the color scheme which is bright orange and fits my backpack and other accessories while the second reason is their customer service, always there for you.


This unit can charge my iPhone Xs about two times, so is perfect for a weekend getaway in the mountains.

The weight is about a half pound or 221 grams to be exact, which is a standard for units of this size. Add a few grams for the included compass if you’d like it mounted.

Almost forgot to add that it has a built-in LED that is okay for quick use but by no means will it replace a flash light.

Price: 29.99

Buy it at Amazon

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