iHeals Sterilizing Water Bottle Review

Let’s say you travel often in a plane and want to sterilize the water from the drinking machine, with this unit you can kill the bacteria by its built-in UV light. Yup!

UV light under the cap

This water sterilization bottle will kill bacteria from tap water or other clear source of water. The cap is rechargeable via USB and has a waterproof cover.

Recharge via USB

The sterilization process takes 3 minutes and is automatic, the LED will turn off automatically at the end of the cycle. The rechargeable battery can do up to 60 cleaning cycles with one single charge.

Power button starts the automated sterilization cycle


When traveling to countries where their faucet water is iffy and don’t have access to bottled water, this  is one of the solutions. Even at home if you want to save money on bottled water or want less plastic in the world.

For me, is a great way to fill it at local parks and while in the airport, it will kill the bacteria for you and help if your immune system is not used to the local tap water.

There are three typical ways for sterilizing water to make it drinkable, one is through carbon filters, another is with tablets (or chlorine) and there is also the UV light, when you combine all 3 you can drink water from almost any source but keep in mind that is bottle is intended for clear water, not cloudy.

If you’d like to get one, I got mine from amazon here: iHeals DUV-C Bottle




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