The problems behind KEH. A view of the Leica M8 with red and blue lines across the image.

I had been super happy with the M8 since I purchased it from KEH, they had treated me very well until now. The sent me a knock off battery, to make it worse, the battery wasn’t even working no matter how many times I tried to charge, it had no juice. So I purchased one from Adorama. Find out later that the charger is bad as well, so I ordered a new charger as well. KEH dragged their feet for a week or to but eventually was nice enough to refund me 50% of the amount I paid for the new charger and battery, although I felt they should had refunded me fully. Anyway, I was happy with my M8.

The main reason for buying the M8 was to carry it everywhere I go and do a 365 project, you can find the photos on my instagram account @erickphoto_monoch

I was sad yesterday when after a road trip found some vertical lines going from the bottom of the images, some were more defined than others but still present. I knew that my camera had some warranty from them, they offer a 180 days from the day of purchase.

Here is a sample of the problem:

Screen Shot 2019-06-05 at 10.15.21 PM.png
Leica M8 Red Line Problem

It is more obvious at ISO 320 and above and not noticeable in some photos but is always there. There are a total of 4 lines, way more visible at ISO640. Here is another sample:

Screen Shot 2019-06-05 at 10.15.30 PM.png
Leica M8 Blue Line Problem and Red Line Problem

I printed some images and is also noticeable there, so I contacted KEH and they set me up with an RMA and a shipping label. So, I sent the camera to them.

Four weeks after they received the camera, they sent me an email saying that they had been waiting for me to send them images about the problem. I forward them these images. Some weeks later they respond saying that the cost of the repair is more than the camera is worth and they are willing to give me a refund. So, I go for the refund and here is where it gets bad. Their repair dept. says that I did not send them my new battery with the camera as they had asked me, so they are going to refund me only the amount less the cost of the battery and charger percentage they had already refunded me. So, in the end I’m out of $165 dollars? I emailed them a few times later, asking for them to send me my battery…  they never replied.

KEH had been great in the past, but I was not treated well this time. Maybe the next time? so, keep an eye when ordering from them. Ensure everything really works the way it should when you receive any products from them and don’t trust too much.

UPDATE: After maybe two months of waiting for a response on my refund, they finally refunded me. I know this is not how they typically treat their customers, they had been great to me in the past and they are nice people when you speak to them on the phone, is just this time something was a fluke after another and another one and was on some kind of loop. I was lucky enough to see everything go wrong.

So, I wrote this blog and moved on and the Leica store in SoHO treated me much better with a Leica M9-P. But, I know me and I will give KEH another chance in the future, maybe around Christmas time.

Let me help you, If you have this dead pixel problem:

Some followers recommended me which at times can remove the line and hot pixels, but the software is only good on Windows and not Mac. Also, doing this will convert your DNG to JPEG.

The other option is which is Windows and Mac, but works with terminal and looks daunting. But from what I read, it is to get more data from your DNG files, is worth a look if you are a little techie!




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