Leica red dot replacement on lenses?

The red dot on lenses is convenient for loading lenses quickly just by feel. Using a leica camera doesn’t always mean having to change lenses quickly, is more about having a second body with a different lens on it of maybe go all fancy and carry a third body with another lens.

My style of photography is often with two bodies, one will have a 50mm and another will have a 28mm. While 28mm is my most used focal length, at times I like to change it to 21 or  90mm depending on the job.

Since the 28mm is my most used lens, it has traveled to many places, has been scratched and whit constant handling lost the red dot around the lens mount. I have gone about 2 years without the red dot but I truly miss it, it used to help me mount the lens very quickly without looking at the camera, all by feel. I hold the camera in my left hand, and with my right thumb I find the red dot and align the lens to the camera and mount it. Rarely fails!  But since it has been gone for this long, I wanted some alternative than to shipping it to Leica.

I’ve read that Leica may replace it for free but it means it will be a while without my lens. Some repairmen sell them for about 10 dollars but it means I have to glue it myself and doubt it would stay.

What did I do? I borrowed bright red nail polish and added a drop, I let it cure for a few hours and added another drop, I continued to do this until I formed a perfect rounded and beveled dot.

My 7artisans lens didn’t have a red dot, so I added one. Now I am in the process of adding varnish dot to all of the lenses that do not have them.

Take your time, if you fail, simply clean it and add a new layer of varnish. It’s fun and seems that it will last a while. If it ever comes off, simply add a new drop or even better… you can change colors!


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