Ona Bowery 50/50 Review by ErickPHOTO

Ona has another gorgeous vintage looking Bowery shoulder bag. This one combines leather and canvas or 50/50 like they call it. Perfect for the Leica system.

Ona Bowery 50/50 Review by ErickPHOTO

The 50/50 Bowery re-imagines ONA’s most popular camera bag in both full-grain leather and premium water-resistant waxed canvas. Featuring five exterior pockets and an interior padded with closed-cell foam, the Bowery can carry a camera, 1-2 extra lenses and small personal items. With a detachable strap, the Bowery can be used as a stand-alone camera bag or as an insert to protect your camera in a larger bag.

This bag is perfect for a daily carry, you can throw a cell phone, business cards, a wallet, sunglasses and even a small notepad along with your extra lenses. Additional inserts are available, this allows you to customize the interior.

Ona Bowery-2630486.jpg
Ona Bowery 50/50 Review by ErickPHOTO

As mentioned above, the shoulder strap can be removed to use it as an insert to go inside a bigger bag or backpack.

Ona Bowery-2630484.jpg
Ona Bowery 50/50 Review by ErickPHOTO

The dimensions are:

  • Room for an SLR and 1-2 small lenses or accessories
  • Handcrafted with premium waxed canvas
  • Removable, adjustable strap
  • Full-grain leather details
  • Secure tuck-clasp closure
  • Side weather flaps to protect your gear
  • Exterior dimensions: 10.5″L X 7″H X 4″D
  • Interior dimensions: 10″L X 6″H X 4″D
Ona Bowery 50/50 Review by ErickPHOTO

There are 3 main things to consider before purchasing this bag. I’ll explain:

  1. Waxed Canvas is heavier than cordura nylon, cordura is the material which is what most other bags use.
  2. It’s not fully waterproof but it is very weatherproof, although I’ve never had a problem with this, I need to mention that I have never been under heavy rain for extended periods.
  3. The leather will develop a patina as soon as you handle the bag, this is natural and will give a unique shape and color to it. Do not expect it to look new forever, although at the end of the post I will give you a trick to make it almost new.
Ona Bowery-2630490.jpg
Ona Bowery 50/50 Review by ErickPHOTO

You have access to the camera from the top by unlocking the single clasp on the front side of the bag, unfolding the top will also give you access to the front pockets, where you can store batteries, notepad, charger and other small devices.

My only wish is that it came with golden brass hardware to match the Hudson backpack.

Ona Hudson Backpack Bowery-16
Ona Bowery 50/50 Review by ErickPHOTO

If you’ve had this bag for a while and want to make it look newer again, replenish the canvas wax with Martexin Wax (direct link for purchase https://amzn.to/2YQCec6)  and this for the leather https://amzn.to/2yKaHPc

Get yours directly from Amazon with two day shipping: https://amzn.to/31pSPFg





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