Leica Sofort like a Polaroid or Instax Camera. Almost instant prints in your wallet. Review by ErickPHOTO

This is kind of a rebranded Fuji Instax camera, it shares many features and some parts are somewhat identical but when you compare the design, you can see a huge difference. The lens also seems to take better contrast photos and some say that is even sharper the fuji counterpart.

It is a little awkward to hold with your right hand, well, to me since I have bigger hands, kinda wish there was a better grip since I often feel like I’m going to drop it on accident. I’m accustomed to the feel of my Leica M cameras with a longer grip.

Leica Sofort review by ErickPHOTO

I have been buying the fuji instax film from Amazon, it costs me $32 USD for 60 prints. Not a bad deal right? I’ll post the links below if you want to purchase the camera or/and film.


This is a camera that begs to be in a social event, whether is with family, friends or even a commercial job. The ability to give an instant print to someone right on the spot is priceless. The menu buttons are simple to use, single clicks will navigate trough the modes that are represented with bold and easy to read icons. You can also suppress the flash or even force flash. There is a bulb mode and a tripod socket. It lets you take advanced photos when you need it or full auto when you don’t.

There are various colors such as a blueish and white, some time ago there was a gorgeous black version and just recently they announced the red edition. I love cameras that come in different colors because in ways it can be a fashion accessory or simply because some people prefer one color over the other and that individualism is key in the western territories in todays age. The only downside to this is that being this a special edition run, it means you will have to pay a bit more or sometimes much more, it depends if is just a color difference or if it is a branded special edition for another company.


One of the things I like about this camera is the minimal noise it makes when taking a photo. There were a few times when I wasn’t fully sure I had taken a photo because I never felt the shutter vibration nor heard the click, I just confirmed it with the film exiting the tray. This is similar to all other leaf shutter cameras like the one pictured below, the marvelous Leica X-E which cab synchronized a flash at about any shutter speed, is also very quiet when taking shots. The Leica Q and X series as well.


I bought mine for only $250 USD new in box from Amazon, which I thought was a great deal considering it had been more expensive at launch. I am not fully aware of the type of warranty it has. Leica normally gives you a 2 year warranty on digital cameras and they typically can repair just about any camera, not sure about this since it isn’t made in their home.

The charger and battery are also branded with the Leica logo, which obviously passes the cost savings to you. Not complaining at all, is really part of the experience of owning a Leica.


Out there in the streets, people obviously recognized this camera, it is flashy and in a good way, kinda makes a statement.

If you are looking to make the camera a little more stylish, you already noticed the bright yellow strap. It is available for sale if you are interested, is made in the USA (link below) and although it does not fully match the color of the body, is still great. The model is holding the strap in black which makes the camera look even better than the strap that is provided.

The Sofort has a selfie mirror, look at the front of the camera and you can see the reflection on it, this is so you can compose your selfie or groupie. Ensure that you enable the selfie mode for better results and focus the lens to the short distance.

I think the only two negative things for me is the ergonomics, where I almost dropping it since it doesn’t have a good grip and the power button seems to be in the perfect spot for me to always turn it on when trying to put it inside my bag. Think of the power on button being right there where the play button is on any other digital camera.

Leica Sofort review by ErickPHOTO

Should you purchase one? absolutely! at $250 USD I think is fully worth it and get 60 prints of  fuji instax film for it for $32 USD below:

But it on Amazon: https://amzn.to/2PbreTP

Buy your film on Amazon: https://amzn.to/2YduiD6


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