Best Mini Tripod Head for $20 dollars by ErickPHOTO

The best tripod head I have ever used for less than $100 is in fact, the Mini Tripod head made by Colorado Tripod Company. This company is based in Denver and you can order directly from their amazon store.

Colorado Tripod Company Mini Head

I ventured myself with their Mini Tripod Head, it costs only $20 dollars and is rated to support 20lbs. This is made to a higher standard than anything I’ve used in this price range, it can hold my Leica camera with any lens attached to it. It can even hold a DSLR, heck even my Hasselblad and Leica S with a standard lens.

So, why is it only $20 dollars? maybe is because is a simple unit with no fluid drag? but even at this price point you will never get a fluid drag on anything.

We get a pouch, an Arca Swiss release plate with an anti twist stop, tripod thread adapter and a few colors to choose!

In the field, this is solid! Very small (travel friendly) and should be in any hike or traveling you ever do!

In the samples you can notice that I have it attached to a mini tripod leg that is extremely travel friendly but you can attach it to a full size tripod.

Verdict: It is solid, absolutely NO shift when tightening, it is very smooth, comes with a 10yr warranty and the best? matches the Leica PERFECTLY!

Get yours from Amazon here:

The ErickPHOTO Leather Crossbody Camera Strap that fits your style!





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