Leica SCA Adapter Set 14498 for Flash. Reviewed by ErickPHOTO.

This flash bracket reminds me of my old SunPack 622 kit with my film SLR and wedding work. I was much younger and in better shape, I remember that it was a heavy set up but still managed (at the time) to do an event with it. I even remember seeing other photogs with their Hasselblad + Sunpack 622 for formal poses.

Leica M with SCA bracket and SF40 flash by ErickPHOTO

This expensive bracket requires that you first invest in the Multifunctional Grip 14495 (buy it on amazon here) so that you can connect a flash and keep the TTL flash communication. This works with any Leica TTL flash, any Manual flash or even any standard Wireless trigger.

Leica M with SCA bracket and SF40 flash by ErickPHOTO

The base lets you unscrew and adapt it to an added cold shoe or use without the bottom bracket for on-the-go-bounce-flash and/or non-direct flash, which is my preferred method. It even lets you add a C bracket!

Leica M with SCA bracket and SF40 flash by ErickPHOTO

There is a plastic flap that you lift on the Multifunctional Grip to connect the super heavy duty SCA plug. Very solid, wish that all connectors where this good.

Sample of non direct flash

In the image above, you can see that by setting the flash on a different axis to the lens creates nice shadows mimicking hard sun, this adds another dimension to your photos. I’ve never enjoyed straight on flash, not a fan of ring flash or ring lights either.

Leica M with SCA bracket and SF40 flash by ErickPHOTO

Another reason to use this bracket is to use the EVF on the hot shoe and use wider lenses or telephoto lenses, while the camera may slow its performance when using the EVF, it still brings value to portraits, especially when focusing the Noctilux 50 or Cron 90. I love to use my Super Elmar 21mm and this helps me get the perfect framing while still using flash. This method has allowed me to use my 90 cron and have more constant results while focusing properly.

Leica M with SCA bracket and SF40 flash by ErickPHOTO

I know that rangefinder cameras and flash isn’t a popular fashion, but for me, carrying small lenses is very important and I enjoy it. There are other systems that are easier to use but the Leica rangefinder experience is still the one I prefer for everyday use.

Combine multiple flashes, manual or all Auto like the SF58 and create dynamic portraits with just two lights or use a wireless trigger and control all aspects.

Is the SCA bracket worth its premium? I would say no at full price but if you can find one at a discount price, it is nice to add it to your strobist kit.

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