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The boy was interested in the red glowing rim of a partially opened door. He slowly…cautiously entered the room and saw the silhouette of a man working at a table. The boy noted a peculiar smell, similar to that of vinegar and oranges…he asked himself if it was safe.

The man at the table turned around and looked straight into the boy’s eyes; he thought he was in trouble! But the man just smiled and turned back to his work. Without the fear of having done something wrong, the boy approached the table and saw what the man was doing. There was a piece of paper inside a tray full of liquid. The boy’s eyes widened… “This is magic!” he thought to himself. There was an image appearing on the white paper, an image of someone he knew… an image of himself!  It was in that moment that the boy first understood the joy of photography.

It is now many years later and that boy is now the man who sits in front of that same tray, watching new images emerge from the paper…only now, it’s the older man, my father, appearing on the photographic paper. The photography world has gone mostly digital, but the magic of photography still remains.


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  1. Hey Erick,

    We need to talk! Found you site while looking for views on the VC Color Skopar 35/2.5. Like you I have a 35/2.8 Summaron, 35/2.8 Zeiss Biogon and a 35/2 ASPH. As a 35 junkie the call of the VC lens is strong. Also have the VC 21/4 and 28/3.5. Great lenses for the money, considering how little I use them.

    Did you ever decide on the 35/2.5 PII? Years ago I had the 35/2 V4 cron and sold it. Looking for a lens to carry on a film or my new 262 (read my review of it here: http://www.jimarnold.org/blog/2015/12/leica-m-typ-262/) that is ultra small.

    Also made the mistake of renting a 50/1.4 ASPH. Damn, what a 50.


    1. Erick Photo says:

      I kinda gave up on 35mm lenses. I still own the Skopar and Biogon but my preferred view is 28mm so I have the Cron Asph 28mm. Rarely use 35mm. I take the 28 for environmental. 50 for all around and 90 for portraits. I like the skopar for its size and sharpness. But the Biogon seems to be more favorable.

  2. Erick Photo says:

    Biogon sharper and slightly better bokeh. Cheers!

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