iHeals Sterilizing Water Bottle Review

Let’s say you travel often in a plane and want to sterilize the water from the drinking machine, with this unit you can kill the bacteria by its built-in UV light. Yup! This water sterilization bottle will kill bacteria from tap water or other clear source of water. The cap is rechargeable via USB and…

Ona Hudson Backpack Review by ErickPHOTO

Ona is a company based in New York, their luxury products are hand made in the Dominican Republic using top grain leather and waxed canvas. Their price reflects on the quality of their product, durable materials, clean stitching lines and a lifetime warranty from defects. I’m not new to the Ona brand,  my oldest satchel…

Zeiss 35mm Biogon T ZM sample photos

Many people prefer that 35mm perspective, to all of you here is a great example of this lens. Super sharp, small and beautiful lens. Really perfect for travel and everyday photos.  

Leica M + Summicron 90mm do Lingerie

Although is difficult to achieve right on focus with the 90mm lens on a rangefinder it can deliver extremely sharp results with some care. Take a look at these samples, I used Elinchrom gear and some other non branded strobes.

Zeiss 35mm f/2.8 C Biogon T ZM Leica Mount Lens Samples

This lens is made for Ikon and Leica M Mount Cameras but adaptable to almost all mirrorless cameras in the market. It has a minimum focusing distance of 2.3′ (0.7 m) and offers ultra-sharp resolving power with almost zero visible distortion. The C in its name stands for compact: it is less then 2.2 (55mm)…