Leica M9-P Sensor Corrosion? Also affected M9, Monochrome M

Comparing dust on a Leica M 240 and M9-P I believe the halo around the dark spots means that it is corrosion while a regular dark spot is simply dust. Click on the thumbnail below to see an enlargement. Even though the dots are very visible here, they are practically hard to distinguish in every…

Leica M

What is your story? Carry a camera and capture a moment. What’s your reasoning behind that?

Camera gear, what else?

Simply posting this to look at today’s and yesterday’s marvels.  Leica M3, Canon AE-1, Nikon D800, Canon C100, Olympus EP5, Red Dragon

Rokinon XEEN Lenses

Just got 2 Cine lenses. From the reviews of some users, say they are pretty sharp. I’ve only had time to shoot one quick teaser for an upcoming video and that 85mm XEEN has a nice look to it. Both lenses feel solid, the focus rotation is smooth and very precise for my use. I…

That 24-70mm f/2.8 is great but my 28mm f/2 is better for me.

That Canon or Nikon 24-70mm f/2.8 is a great lenses, covers most of the focal length you would want and need for most of your life but for me, that lens is missing one important thing for my style of photography and it is bigger aperture. Even one stop difference from f/2 to f/2.8 you are looking…

Do not disassemble your Elmarit M 90mm.

I did, I committed the mishap of turning the screws to see why it was wobbly. I couldn’t resist. The problem was I could not reassemble it.  So, it’s in DAG’s hands now.  Leica repairman. 

Elmarit M 90mm vs Summilux M 50mm Sharpness Comparison

After last in studio session, as I went trough images I noticed the images from the Lux M appeared sharper. So, I shot the same subject at roughly the same distance to see if I was really doing a bad job at focusing or was my version of the Elmarit M that wasn’t doing very…