ErickPHOTO Camera Strap

M9P-White-StrapI have often struggled to find the perfect camera strap to fit all my wants and needs. From a functional standpoint, many straps available in the market come in lengths too short to be worn cross body, my preferred method of wearing. I’ve also had mixed luck finding a strap with attachments that match my cameras. I also prefer a thin, flexible strap, as they’re more comfortable to travel and wear for me. On top of that, any strap I wear needs to be durable because I pretty much always have my camera on me and I need to be able to trust that strap.

2630515-e1565663034633.jpgFrom a superficial standpoint, I like my gear to have a matching aesthetic, often adding a bit of color to standard gear. Or, as another photographer friend says, “a bit of whimsy!” My personal go-to color is red. Having lacked luck in finding a strap that matches all my personal requirements, I started making my own, tweaking my design as I went. Made of soft, durable, leather, I’ve come up with something that fits the bill for me: the ErickPHOTO CrossBody Camera Strap. I offer multiple colors and lengths so I can hopefully fill your needs too!

ErickPHOTO Leather Camera Shoulder Strap

  • Camera Shoulder Strap (Shorter Neck Strap Optional)
  • Leather with fine Stitching and Metal Hardware
  • Length 38 to 50 inch (made to order)
  • Weight Limit for a comfortable wear 3 kg (6.6 lbs)
  • Very Soft Feel and Durable



The strap is soft to the touch and durable, made with leather and is available in different colors to match your personal style. It is designed to be used as a cross body shoulder strap for your Leica, Sony, Nikon, Canon, Olympus, Fuji and other mirror-less camera systems that don’t exceed 6.6 lbs.


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The strap is made in the USA by hand, please allow 5 business days to manufacture plus shipping time.

If you are ready to order, send me an email or visit my electronic stores and ensure you write your color selection and length in the Payment message. If you fail to specify what size you need, it will default to 50 inches and will send a random color. My favorite is the red, just FYI 😀


The standard strap has one rivet, for more security and peace of mind I can also add a second rivet. Just let me know what you prefer.


Buy It Here on Etsy

These ErickPHOTO Camera Straps give a nice stylish accent and look sweet on any camera!


Buy It Here on Etsy

Enjoy a collection of photos with a few different cameras and color combinations below. Which one is your favorite?