DJI Osmo vs GoPro 7 Black vs Osmo Pocket – Stabilization Review

Battle of the most popular portable cameras with stabilization! These cameras are very unique in their own category and aren’t a direct rival to what they do best. So these exist in 3 categories, let me explain below: DJI Osmo Mobile 2 although this is not a camera, is still considered in this portable review and…

Zeiss 35mm Biogon T ZM sample photos

Many people prefer that 35mm perspective, to all of you here is a great example of this lens. Super sharp, small and beautiful lens. Really perfect for travel and everyday photos.  

Leica M + Summicron 90mm do Lingerie

Although is difficult to achieve right on focus with the 90mm lens on a rangefinder it can deliver extremely sharp results with some care. Take a look at these samples, I used Elinchrom gear and some other non branded strobes.

Portraits with a Leica M and Summilux 50 Aspherical

The Summilux 50mm Aspherical is my most favorite lens for its perfect rendering, its a super solid lens that at times suffers from flare but other than it, basically is near perfect. A sharp lens even wide open f/1.4 and soft rendering on the out of focus areas. Look at these images and judge for…