Zapata Falls in Mosca, Colorado

Its a quick off road drive to the start of the trail, you don’t need a 4×4 vehicle to get there but is recommended, just for fun! Once you arrive to the beginning of the trail, get ready for a quick 1 mile hike in easy but rocky terrain gaining an elevation of 95 ft….

Forest Fire near Durango, Colorado – June 2018 (guest post) #416fire

Hilary witnessed parts of the fire near the town of Durango in Colorado, USA. She writes to us: Wildfires, like many natural disasters, are often some combination of terrifying, gorgeous, and impressive power. I am mesmerized by the color and shapes I have been seeing in the #416fire while still praying for it to end…

How good is a Leica M in snow?

We stepped outside the limits of the four walls inside the casa, the adventurer in me wanted lots of snow, mucho snow! At first, everything was giggles and anticipation but once there… in a bit of a blizzard, even in a 4×4 your tires and your vehicle slides to the sides and up there 13,000…

Traveling with a Leica M

Does the selected camera make you a better photographer? Usually yes, but doesn’t mean a better camera will make you a more creative photog., not at all. A tool should become a part of you, and to me, a fully manual camera makes more sense because I know, over the years, what to expect from…

With love, from Durango 

The Wild Fire from Lightner Creek in the outskirts of Durango, Colorado still remains at 20% contained as of July, 1st 2017. There isn’t visible smoke at this time from the other side of Durango. Still sending our message to all. 

San Juan National Forest (Durango-Silverton, Colorado)

They love to call this the “One Million Dollar Highway” and wether you drive by night or day, I can tell you that the first time will give you some chills. The scenery is gorgeous and some drops are very impressive. Add rain/snow and I can say, you won’t forget it.